Evan Jones

software engineer


I'm a software engineer at Datadog in New York. I previously worked at Bluecore, fixed interesting bugs at Twitter, and taught a database class at Columbia as an adjunct. I was a co-founder and CTO of Mitro, a password manager for groups and organizations, along with Vijay Pandurangan and Adam Hilss. Before that, I earned a Ph. D. from MIT, researching distributed OLTP databases with Sam Madden. Even earlier in my life, I worked at Google in New York for a bit more than a year, and I was a graduate and undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. I am grudgingly on Mastodon, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

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Academic Publications

Aubrey Tatarowicz, Carlo Curino, Evan P. C. Jones, and Samuel Madden. Lookup Tables: Fine-Grained Partitioning for Distributed Databases. In ICDE, Washington, DC, USA, Apr. 2012. (pdf)

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Evan P. C. Jones, Daniel J. Abadi, and Samuel Madden. Low overhead concurrency control for partitioned main memory databases. In SIGMOD, Indianapolis, IN, USA, June 2010. (pdf)

Carlo Curino, Evan P. C. Jones, Yang Zhang, and Samuel Madden. Schism: a workload-driven approach to database replication and partitioning. In PVLDB, Singapore, Sep. 2010.

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