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[ 2004-June-13 21:30 ]

Yesterday, I took a look at the web site for the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival. A good friend of mine is basically running that show, and she got me thinking: I have the skills and the resources that other people might need. I love technology, and I would love to help others make effective use of it. Therefore, this is my offer of a donation: If you are running or organizing any sort of artistic or charitable, or non-governmental organization and you need some web space and some limited technical support, get in touch with me. If you are one of my friends, I can hook you up too, although I will probably ask you to help me share my costs (don't worry, it is very cheap). Here is what I can offer:

There are some limitations to what I can do. My server is a little wimpy underpowered thing, and I administer it myself, so it won't be as good as something hosted by a "real" service provider. However, for small sites it works great. I use it for all of my personal email, and it runs my web site, as well as the sites for Dr. Garry Jones and Male Teachers in Canada. The limitations are: