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[ 2003-August-10 18:50 ]

XDelta is a command line tool for generating binary difference files (or diff files). The page provides a binary version of XDelta 1.1.3 for Windows, and instructions for how to build it yourself. I use this tool for creating daily backups that only take up ~200-500 kB, and I wanted to be able to restore my backups on Windows PCs as well. [Update 2010-11-14: XDelta 3.0 directly supports Windows; you should probably download that version.]

download xdelta.exe (statically linked, compressed with UPX)

Building XDelta for Windows with Visual Studio

  1. Download the XDelta source code.
  2. Download GLib 2.0, either as a dll or as a static library.
  3. Download ZLib. There is a prebuilt win32 package containing both dlls and static libraries.
  4. Unpack everything. Add the include and lib directories from the GLib and ZLib distributions.
  5. Open the included Visual Studio project file. It will likely ask you to convert it. Say yes.
  6. Add include and include/glib-2.0 to the include paths.
  7. Remove "zlibs.lib" and "glib-1.2.lib" from the link libaries list. Add whatever GLib you are linking against, and lib/zlibstat.lib.
  8. Add "xdapply.c" to the project. Add all the .c files in the "libedsio" directory. Remove "edsiotest.c".
  9. Apply this patch: xdelta-1.1.3-glib2.diff. You will need GNU Patch for Windows.
  10. Build and pray. Good luck!