Incomplete Index of Serialization Formats

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[ 2009-November-01 11:52 ]

This is a partial list of data interchange formats that attempt to make it easy to exchange data between applications that may be written in different languages. The most common use is to build RPC-like systems, so one application can submit a request over the network, and receive some response. Unfortunately, there are tons of these formats. If you think you should invent your own, please think again. It would help our industry if there was broad support for a small number of interchange formats. As you can see from this list, there are tons that exist already. Please don't invent a new one. Other people agree with me on this. I recommend you pick one from the "somewhat broadly used" list. If anyone has any comments or updates, let me know and I'll keep this up to date.

Somewhat Broadly Used

Not Widely Used?

Not So Honourable Mentions