Debian Kernel Package Builder

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[ 2004-June-26 22:49 ]

KernelBuilder is a User Mode Linux image that will build Debian kernel packages for you. This is very useful if you want to compile Debian packages on some other distribution, or if you want to compile packages without having all the dependencies on your system. All you need installed is User Mode Linux.

Downloads: UML image (29.4 MB) | kernel builder script


  1. Download kernelbuilder.tar.bz2 (29.4 MB) and extract it using: tar --sparse -xvjf kernelbuilder.tar.bz2
  2. Stick the kernelbuilder.ext2 disk image somewhere.
  3. Install User Mode Linux (packages exist for all distributions).
  4. Put a kernel source package in some directory (as a .tar, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2). Put a configuration file in this same directory, with the name config.
  5. Put a copy of kernelbuild-defaults in this directory and modify it, if needed. For example, to build module packages, you need to edit this file.
  6. Start the kernel builder: linux mem=128M ubd0=out.cow,kernelbuilder.ext2 con=null hostfs=DIRECTORY

The image will boot and start building. Its output is logged to buildlog. If it hangs, it is probably because the script asked for input. Take a look at buildlog, fix the problem, and restart.

Once it is done, it will produce the .deb packages and quit. You can now delete out.cow and buildlog.