Fake Access Points

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[ 2005-August-09 17:03 ]

As part of playing with Atheros's wireless cards under Linux, I've hacked up a program that uses the raw interface to pretend to be multiple access points. You can use this program even when connected to another access point. I don't think that it is of much practical use, but it certainly does show how to use the raw interface. To use it, you'll need the latest MadWiFi driver, as well as enough knowledge to configure your network interface and compile the software. Unfortunately, the single adapter can't send the probe responses out fast enough for clients to be able to consistently discover all the fake access points. The result is a client that will see a changing set of fake access points. You can get the code here: fakeaps.c

A Mac's view of fake access points

iStumbler's view of fake access points