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[ 2003-August-10 18:28 ]

DBMBase is a web-based interface to a table of text data written in Perl. I needed a table which could be modified using a web-based interface that I could put on my webspace. Unfortunately, all I had to work with was CGI. I could not find any existing scripts that could do what I needed with those limited resources, so I wrote my own.


Neat Features


I have made a disabled demo version available. You will not be able to add, edit or delete records, but it will be obvious how it is supposed to work. One database is just a demo, but the other is a list of books I have read and I want to read.


The biggest enhancement would be to use a standard Perl module, such as Data::Dumper, to store the table, instead of my hacked "DBMTable" Perl module. However, writing the module taught me about Perl ties, so it was still a valuable experience.

A small program like this could grow into a complete web based interface to a database. Each field should have a data type associated with it which should be validated when entered. A real database instead of a DBM file should be used to store the data. Multiple tables need to be linked together. However, that means that this application would grow far beyond what I need it to do.


dbmbase.tar.bz2 - containing everything you need. Installation comes with no documentation, and some editing of the database.cgi file will be required. If you do want to take a stab at it, email me and I will try to help. Good luck!