Linux Server Configuration

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[ 2004-April-03 18:30 ]

This page is a collection of my tips and tricks I learned and used while setting up my own server. This is useful both for me, as a way of remembering what the hell I did, and for others who want to do similar things. I have a Debian Linux system hosted by Redwood Virtual. It is a User Mode Linux system, which means I get root access, but the physical system is shared by a bunch of nodes. It works great. If you sign up with them, please do me a big favour, and tell them Evan Jones sent you.

General Admin Tips

Web Server Stuff


Email is a struggle to set up correctly. Particularly in this day of spam. Debian has a lot of packages which help. I host local mail delivery for a couple of domains, and will relay mail for SMTP AUTH over TLS (SSL). I use PAM to authenticate users with their local passwords. My configuration:

DNS Stuff

I use bind to serve my domains. I'm using EveryDNS as my secondary server.


A system administrator must collect and process information to be able to determine if their system is running or not. This generally involves a lot of manual hackery.