Hard Drive Crash Part 3

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[ 2005-January-15 16:08 ]

So, after a long saga (part one, part two), my aging PowerBook is back to its old self again The short version of the story is that my hard drive died. I took it to my local AppleCare service provider, but it turns out that they are incompetent. Based on their advice, I spent $500 to replace my logic board when only the hard drive connector was broken, a $5 part. As an added bonus, I also had to replace the hard drive. The moral of this story? If your time is valuable to you, always buy the extended warranty. Apple would have had to pay for this whole mess, instead of me. Unless of course my hard drive had lasted for another six months, at which point my extended warranty would have expired and I would still be stuck with the bill.

At any rate, the end of November and the entire month of December were ridiculously busy for me, so I had no time for posting anything on my site. However, I have a few things that I have wanted to write about, so you should be hearing from me again shortly.