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[ 2005-March-29 11:04 ]

I love traveling. I really enjoy reading about new places, planning the trip, and then going there and finding cool stuff. I don't really care about "seeing the sights" as much as I like to wander around. I also like to travel on the cheap. So, here are a few tips about Washington, DC:

Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA)
If you can, fly here. It is closer than the other airports, but I've read that it is normally a bit more expensive. An added bonus is that when landing and taking off you get a beautiful aerial view of the pentagon and the national mall.
Washington International Student Center (2451 18th Street NW)
A dirty, dingy hole in the wall. They have triple bunk beds. It isn't the worst hostel I've ever stayed at, but it isn't far off. The International Youth Hostel must be better. The only advantage is that this place is in a pretty cool neighbourhood, and isn't too expensive.
Kalorama Guest House (1854 Mintwood Place NW)
This bed and breakfast is located in an old house in a great neighbourhood. It is about a 10 minute walk to the nearest metro station (Woodley Park), and very close to restaurants, bars, and shopping. The price for rooms with shared bathrooms is quite affordable (~$80/night).
Tryst Coffee House Bar & Lounge (2459 18th St NW)
This place defines what cafés should be. It is packed with people at all hours of the day, plays cool music, has eclectic decorations, good food, and really good coffee. Lots of people hang out here for hours with their laptops due to the free wireless Internet access. This is my favourite find in all of DC. If you like hanging out in cafés, you need to check this place out.
The Lebanese Taverna (2641 Connecticut Ave. NW)
The food here is excellent, and the prices are moderate. They have a number of other locations in the DC area as well.

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