Computer Bits Episode 1: How does a CPU work?

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[ 2018-December-02 15:29 ]

I recently gave a talk at work about how operating systems, virtual machines, and containers work. This was inspired because we are moving stuff to Kubernetes so there have been lots of discussions about how containers are different from virtual machines. It also was a good excuse to teach myself more about an area that I am not that familiar with. Afterward, a co-worker said I should put it on YouTube. At first I thought that was a terrible idea: YouTube already has tons of videos about this stuff, and didn't need mine. However, after letting the idea sink in for a few weeks, I thought that maybe there is a unique angle: short, high-level summaries of fundamental computer science topics that every software engineer should know. I recruited Jessica Laughlin, who not only helped with the content but is also responsible for the charm, humour, and the name: Computer Bits! Our first episode about how computer hardware works (Is a Microwave a Computer?) is up. We would appreciate any feedback, or suggestions for future topics to cover. We have content for the next two or three episodes about operating systems, virtual machines, and containers. However, it turns out creating videos is a lot of work, so I think we aren't going to do another one until January at the soonest.