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[ 2006-June-23 21:38 ]

The fact that BillG is retiring is truly the sign of an end of an era. Gates has been the biggest, most famous personality in the computer industry for as long as I can remember. Anecdotes about his intelligence and his management style abound, such as Joel Spolski's "My First BillG Review." He has left his permanent mark on the industry, the world, and in history. I think that Douglas Coupland's opening paragraph of Microserfs (an excellent book, btw), describes the legend the best:

Bill (Bill!) sent Michael this totally wicked flame-mail from hell on the e-mail system—and he just whaled on a chunk of code Michael had written. Using the Bloom County-cartoons-taped-on-the-door index, Michael is certainly the most sensitive code in Building Seven—not the type to take criticism easily. Exactly why Bill would choose Michael of all people to whale on is confusing.

We figured it must have been a random quality check to keep the troops in line. Bill's so smart.

Bill is wise.

Bill is kind.

Bill is benevolent.

Bill, Be My Friend ... Please!

Bill Gates will never be forgotten in the software industry.