BigQuery Tools: Dataset and table size report

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[ 2016-November-28 08:21 ]

Google BigQuery is fantastic tool. One of the most innovative features is how you pay for it. You pay for storage at rates that are competitive with S3 and Google Cloud Storage, and you pay for the data accessed when you execute a query. Since you don't pay for computation unless you actually use it, I've used BigQuery to store a lot of things just in case it needs to be queried. This is a great example of how the pricing model can strongly influence how you use infrastructure. However, one of the consequences is a growing BigQuery storage bill. Unfortunately, Google only provide the daily aggregate cost. I wanted to know more specifically where the cost was going. As a result, I built BigQuery Tools: a storage cost dashboard. It shows you a breakdown of where your BigQuery storage cost is going, per dataset and per table. If you try the tool, please email me to tell me what you think. I've also released the source code on Github.